Our Testimonials


“I have to give it to Juan again! I called him today because my BMW wouldn't start. I put my cell phone next to the engine and he immediately said your battery is going dead! It was perfect yesterday. I assumed a starter solenoid...Most other shops would have said "hey bring it on in for a diagnosis excetera excetera" this is one of the most honest shops in the Bay Area.”
“A breath of fresh air for drivers looking for a reputable auto repair shop; foreign or domestic. I've been a customer there for more than a quarter of a century and have observed that the service rendered to both my cars has left me with a high degree of confidence that all my expectations  will have been met. Thanks Juan!”
“I've been taking my Porsche Cayenne to Juan and his team for several years. They've been great to work with. Whether it's been routine maintenance or diagnosing a specific problem, their solutions have always been straightforward and cost effective. Also important is their flexibility in scheduling an appointment that fits my schedule and having the car ready to go on time. I'd highly recommend them as a great, honest and fair shop to get your auto serviced.”
“Juan did a wonderful job repairing my Mercedes after it was in an accident and required a new radiator & cooling system. The work was done in a timely manner and with superior results. His friendly staff including Zuber kept me up to date on cost estimates and time frames. I'd highly recommend this shop for German car repair needs.”
“Just picked up my baby, a 48k mile 1991 Miata (yes, they work on Japanese autos too!). The car was shifting rough, and the shifter had become loose. Juan and his team fixed her good, and the transmission works beautifully now. I also had some preventative maintenance done too, timing belt and water pump (25 year old car), so I have many fun, worry-free miles ahead. The cost was very reasonable -- considerably less than another quote I had gotten -- and they kept me informed and educated of what each repair involved. My first experience with them, and next time I need something, I'll definitely be back!”
“I've been taking my car here for years. Juan and his team are straight forward and willing to explain problems and provide options. When I arrive at the counter he remembers my car and my daughter's car before looking in the system. I trust Lafayette German Car Repair and as a non-mechanic that's the most important thing.”
“I don't do a lot of reviews but I was so happy with the service I got from Juan and his assistant Olga at Lafayette German auto. They have taken such good care of us and our car. We have had shocks put in recently and the price was very reasonable. It was going to take an extra day because of another repair which required a part they had to wait for so they loaned me a really nice BMW to drive. They are really good about communication and getting back to us with information. I like mostly that they are honest and when they give us a heads up about a part going out, we have come to trust their opinion. It is hard to trust some mechanics in this day and age so I believe trust is a huge issue. They have always done us right. Their knowledge of trouble shooting is also really a blessing and gives me peace of mind.”
“This place is awesome! I've been taking my Lexus GS here for years and they are always able to do service at a FRACTION of what they would charge you for at the dealership. The techs here are very knowledgeable on all foreign and domestic cars (also brought in my wife's Mercedes for a 'Service B') and do the exact same caliber work (if not better) than dealer work. The only downside can be a busy parking lot (with Big-O in the same lot) but most times you can still find a spot to park. I have and will continue to refer people to the experts at this shop!”
“The people who work here are so friendly. They do great work and are very reasonably priced. I have brought in my Mercedes, Porsche, now my daughters car is getting fixed as well. I am so happy to have found them ,I will never take my car anywhere else!! You guys are great!! Thanks for everything!!!!”