Learn What Customers Say About Us and Automotive Maintenance

“I have to give it to Juan again! I called him today because my BMW wouldn't start. I put my cell phone next to the engine and he immediately said your battery is going dead! It was perfect yesterday. I assumed a starter solenoid...Most other shops would have said "hey bring it on in for a diagnosis excetera excetera" this is one of the most honest shops in the Bay Area.”
“A breath of fresh air for drivers looking for a reputable auto repair shop; foreign or domestic. I've been a customer there for more than a quarter of a century and have observed that the service rendered to both my cars has left me with a high degree of confidence that all my expectations  will have been met. Thanks Juan!”
“I've been taking my Porsche Cayenne to Juan and his team for several years. They've been great to work with. Whether it's been routine maintenance or diagnosing a specific problem, their solutions have always been straightforward and cost effective. Also important is their flexibility in scheduling an appointment that fits my schedule and having the car ready to go on time. I'd highly recommend them as a great, honest and fair shop to get your auto serviced.”