Easy Ways to Maintain Your Car During the Pandemic

juan-lara 2020-05-15

Most of us are driving less during the shelter-in-place order, which means our cars aren’t being used for days or weeks at a time. While this might seem like a good thing because you aren’t putting miles on your vehicle, cars were made to be driven.

In fact, a lot can go wrong if they’re parked for too long. So, here are some tips from your friendly Pleasant Hill German car repair shop. Let’s keep both your wheels and your wallet happy until it’s safe to get back on the open road!


Go For a Spin

Even though we’re social distancing right now, it’s okay to take your vehicle for a quick spin around the block. Plus, it’s probably good for your mental health too.

All the mechanical components in your car suffer if you don’t drive it on a semi-regular basis. Every couple of weeks should be fine. This will keep your battery charged and the engine lubricated. It’s important that the various fluids in your car circulate through all its moving parts so they function properly.

Repark Your Car

When a car isn’t driven, its tires develop flat spots where they meet the road. This is due to the tremendous weight they bear. Also, tires are already prone to losing pressure, which can increase the damage. It’s a good idea to repark your car, even if it’s just a few feet away.

And one more thing… Be mindful of where you park too. For instance, avoid that oak tree that might drip sap all over your car’s paint job.

Do You Need a Fuel Stabilizer?

Since your car isn’t going into long-term storage, we don’t recommend a fuel stabilizer. You don’t need to drain the fuel tank, either. Your trips around the neighborhood should be sufficient.

Skip the Parking Brake

If you don’t plan on driving for weeks, it’s best not to use the parking brake on flat surfaces, especially if you live in a damp climate. This is because corrosion can occur, fusing things together and making it difficult to disengage the brake when you’re finally ready to start driving again.

Pleasant Hill German Car Repair

Hopefully, life will be back to normal soon. But in the meantime, if you have any further questions or concerns about leaving your car in park for an extended length of time, please contact us at (925) 284-3390. Stay safe out there!