Your Car’s Year in Retrospect: Did You Do Your Annual Maintenance?

juan-lara 2019-01-21


Now that we’re in the beginning of 2019, you’re probably trying to plan ahead for the entire year. Did you actually do your car’s annual maintenance in 2018? Maybe you did oil changes and replaced dim headlights or did small maintenance here and there. But did you do everything required for optimal function?


Scheduled Car Maintenance is Key

It’s important that you schedule yearly maintenance. Like, by actually putting it on your schedule. Make a plan and put aside time. These checkups and predictable services for your vehicle prolong its running life and prevent more expensive problems down the road. Following a basic car maintenance schedule includes yearly flushes of your vehicle’s transmission fluids and radiator belt and hose inspections. These things aren’t done at oil changes or tire rotation appointments.

Keep Good Records

For 2019, set your goal to stay on a regular maintenance schedule for your car. Keep track of all work done by creating a maintenance log. You can use a smartphone app or a notebook tucked inside the glove box. Being able to look back on your maintenance records will give you a better picture of your car’s overall health.

What Does My Car Need?

To know what your car needs, as opposed to what the average car needs, you’ll need to check your owners manual. Owner’s manuals are usually obtainable online or from the manufacturer even for old models. For most cars the fuel filter, exhaust, engine oil and filter, belts, battery and cables, automatic transmission fluid, hoses, lights, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and tire pressure, tread and general condition should all be checked every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Then once a year, include maintenance to check coolant, cabin air filter, brakes, steering and suspension and power steering fluid.

These are just guidelines for scheduled car maintenance. You’ll also want to consider how you drive since aggressive driving can wear things out much faster that expected. Also city driving is harder on your vehicle than highway driving, which tends to make things wear out faster, too.

If you do regular maintenance on a schedule that matches your car’s needs and your driving style, you’ll get the most out of your vehicle. For professional advice about scheduled car maintenance, feel free to call or stop into Lafayette German Car Repair. We’re here to help you.