The Impact of Computers in Car Repair

juan-lara 2020-03-15

Computers are playing an increasing role in the car repair industry. Learn more about what impact of computers in car repair industry.

Vehicles have changed a lot since they were invented, especially in just the last thirty years. Sophisticated car control systems were once available only in luxury models, but now computerized systems are entirely standard. That’s why, in order to best serve customers, car repair shops need to work with the latest technology.

Here’s a look at how tech is changing the auto repair industry


Computers in Car Repair 

While it may sound like these terms are interchangeable, there’s actually a difference between mechanics and technicians. Mainly, their area of expertise. In general, technicians are trained to use a car’s computer system to pinpoint and resolve issues. As the world around us becomes more digitized, their skills will only increase in demand.

However, mechanics are more likely to be hands-on. They know how to strip an engine, then put it back together again.

Your Car is Getting Smarter

First and foremost, all this new tech in the auto industry means that car repair and maintenance shops have immediate access to information. Digital inspections, alongside info from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), helps technicians get to the bottom of things, and also improves customer communication.

Your vehicle is getting smarter, so your computers in car repair need to stay current with the latest tech trends and tools. The electronics in your vehicle, that system of wires and software, is referred to as the Controller Area Network, or CAN, for short. Prior to the Digital Age, cars just had electrical systems, but times have changed. Beneath the surface, our vehicles have become increasingly more complex.

Car Repair Perks

One of the key benefits of going digital is that it becomes possible to install updates to modify how a car operates. For example, maybe a manufacturer fixes a computer glitch or develops a better algorithm. In the past, this would have meant manually replacing parts, but now a technician can upload the latest software.

Manufacturers discourage it, but there are even people who hack or reprogram their own cars.

New technology comes with a learning curve, but it’s now the fastest way to accurately repair systems. To schedule an appointment, please contact our shop at (925) 284-3390.

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